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Visitor centers and information

The Majella National Park has created a thick network of structures for the assistance and the support to visitors, whether they are schools, groups, individuals or scholars.

The Visitor Centres, managed by an expert staff, which is able to organize tours and activities in the Park, are structures which are often provided with exhibitions or real museums which allow you to know the naturalistic and/or historical and cultural peculiarities of the Park and of the context where they are included.

The Information Centres are structures which offer a great support in terms of information, guiding the visit of the schools, groups or individual visitors in the Park.

These structures are all provided with a reception for visitors with brochures, bookshop and gadgets of the Park which they can receive or buy; in some cases the centre also manages a wildlife area, a botanical garden and/or a nature path, which are accessible directly from the centre.

Image of the wildlife of the Otter
Image of the  of the Visitor Centre Lama Peligni
Image of the Bear Museum
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