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Ostello dei Quarti Guestrooms

Ostello dei Quarti Guestrooms
Palena (CH)

Località stazione di Palena
Tel. 347.5911535 - 0872.222199

certificazione del Parco della Majella per aziende

The Park’s guestrooms “Ostello dei Quarti” is located in the wonderful plateau of Quarto Santa Chiara, at an altitude of 1250 m. Here the natural landscape is suggestive all the year round. This welcoming structure is provided with refreshment room, a kitchen, a relaxing room and 24 beds. Ostello dei Quarti and the nearby buildings represent the result of an intelligent repair made by the Park with the “Al Parco in treno” (“The Park by train”) project. The project plans to reclaim and improve the ex railway structures and to build a new services network for the sustainable tourism. In the guestrooms you can find: an orientation centre for visits; temporary shelters for horses, mules and donkeys with educational pens; a garage for electric bikes and mountain bikes, where you can also rent them; a horse-drawn carriage; equipped parking and filling stations for small electric vehicles.

The guestrooms represent an ideal starting-point for several paths to enjoy walks, mountain bike and horse rides or, in winter, to enjoy wonderful frosty and snowy roads, where you can ski with snowshoes, cross-country or backcountry skis.
Ostello dei Quarti is provided with 4 bedrooms with private bathroom, in all there are 24 beds. Each room is provided with 6 bunk beds.

Besides the bedrooms you can find a comfortable dining room, a kitchen (its use must be agreed) and a conference room.

Ostello dei Quarti Guestrooms Ostello dei Quarti Guestrooms
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