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Visitor Centre Caramanico Terme

Visitor Centre Caramanico Terme
Caramanico Terme (PE)

Via del Vivaio Caramanico Terme (PE)
Tel. (+39) 085.922343

The Centre is located in the small town of Santa Croce of Caramanico, close to its ancient springs of sulphurous water. In the Centre visitors can find a small museum where there are: a naturalistic section, set up with showcases dedicated to geology and to the fossils discovered on Majella, with the reconstructions of the Otter habitat and of some environments like the beech wood, the rocks and the mountain pine forest; an archaeological section, accessible to blind and partially sighted persons, where visitors can observe several finds discovered on the northern Majella, dating back from the Lower Palaeolithic to the Roman Empire. In the Centre visitors can also find the faunal area and the didactic route dedicated to the European Otter and a lecture hall, both accessible to the disabled.

The Centre is a perfect starting-point for excursions towards Orfento Valley, San Giovanni retreat, San Bartolomeo retreat and towards the whole north-western area of the Park.


Management: Cooperative Majambiente

Address: Via del Vivaio Caramanico Terme (PE)

Contacts: Tel (+39) 085.922343 - Fax (+39) 085.922343



Visitor Centre Caramanico Terme
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